Articles of Association (Excerpt)

Chapter I General Rules

Article 1 Name of the Foundation
The Foundation shall be called The Fujihara Foundation of Science.
Article 2 Location of Principal Office
The principal office of the Foundation is located at: 7-12, Ginza 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Article 3 Objective of the Foundation
The primary objective of the Foundation is to contribute to promoting science and technology in Japan.
Article 4 Activities of the Foundation
To achieve the objective described in Article 3, the Foundation shall conduct the following 9 activities:
(1) Awarding persons who have made distinguished achievements in science and technology;
(2) Promoting the dissemination of knowledge and education on science and technology as well as providing funds to international exchange; and
(3) Performing all other activities required for achieving the above objective.